Handmade ceramic vase in black color with white dots


At Potto Pottery we believe in human values. We believe in respect, simplicity, gratitude and humility, those important values that were instilled in us at home and that bring us closer to our fellow men. For this very reason, we believe in people, in community, in cooperation and solidarity.


The illusion is the engine of what we do. We get up every day excited about the journey ahead, but we are still prepared to overcome difficulties, being courageous, taking risks and accepting the results, whether they are good or bad. We accept and move on!


We believe that success is not measured in likes or followers. For us, success has to do with our conscience, with the certainty of doing things well, fostering and promoting knowledge and, above all, being very respectful of the environment.


We strongly believe in dialogic relationships. We believe that in order to receive we must first give, that by teaching we learn and by learning we teach, and that in order to be loved we must first love.


Giving, emptying, giving, giving away, giving away are actions that we do outwardly, we could say that they are anti-egos actions. The world is exhausted of us asking, of the word that comes out of our mouths being “I WANT” or “GIVE”. Let’s change course, it’s time to GIVE. Let’s give and stop asking.


We vindicate our roots and the value of craftsmanship, understood as a slow and meditated process in which the work is well done and conscientious. Thus, we look to the future with dignity, knowing at all times who we are, where we come from and where we are going.