Decorative ceramics

Our collection of decorative ceramics is completely handmade. They are unique pieces because they have been created one by one, which makes them authentic and with personality. Currently these pieces are being highly appreciated in interior decoration, because people increasingly want to surround themselves with original and exclusive objects.


Somehow they satisfy deep needs that we do not know how to identify. In France these objects are called Lesobjets du désir . So we present you some of our favorite objects of desire.


Handcrafted vases:


The character of the space around us is so powerful that it can cause changes in who we are or think we are.


Ceramics for projects
interior design and decoration

We are in a moment of boom of ceramics as a complement in interior decoration. Natural materials such as wood, wicker and linens are very present in the interior design, and together with them, ceramics is a great ally to create beautiful and pleasant environments.

Ceramics is very versatile, you can do so many things that it is often a matter of imagining and getting down to work. If you are an interior designer or decorator or you have an idea in which you want to use ceramics, call us or write us without obligation and we can discuss it. We would love to be of service and participate in your project.