Handcrafted vases are a decorative and functional element that create a special atmosphere in your home and office. The techniques used are varied. The final appearance that these objects will have, what they will convey, will depend largely on how they have been created.

We present two different collections; on the one hand we have the vases modeled with coils of clay, a simple and ancestral technique. Its finishes and irregular shapes evoke natural, peaceful and pleasant environments.


On the other hand, we have our collection of bottles and vases created from the potter’s wheel. Geometric and contemporary, they exude symmetry, but without the rigidity and boredom of perfection, because we have combined them with graceful and irregular handles, an attractive mix that makes them more friendly objects.

With our vases you will create warm and cozy spaces. They are completely handmade and hand-painted .


Ceramic vases, handmade - Handmade

Vases modeled with clay coils

Vases and ceramic bottles modeled on a potter's wheel

Bottles and vases modeled on a potter’s wheel