Decorative vases
in San Sebastián Donostia

San Sebastián – Donosti is filled with beauty and art through decorative vases and handcrafted products that are born from the hands of Eguzkiñe Egaña Corta, who rescues from the most ancestral traditional craftsmanship, shapes and textures to reconvert them into modern pieces full of charm. and that breathe purity wherever you see them.

These decorative objects are indispensable in any room where you want to give an authentic touch and personality. Vases and vessels with their own identity that combine tradition, modernity and beauty.

Our Vases are completely handmade, created by hand one by one. Some are vases painted with figurative motifs and others stand out for the textures created in the clay, or for the action of the glazes, which are often as expressive as they are uncontrollable.


Where to buy
Potto Pottery?

You can choose from different vase shapes, textures and colors in our online store, or you can also see them in person at the following stores:

Bois et Fer


17 Hernani Street, San Sebastian – Donostia.
T: +34 943 083 340
Instagram: @boisetfer