In stock:

Our pieces are unique and our production is very small. There is usually only one unit per model. If you have seen something that you liked, do not think about it too much.

Below you will find the items available. Below you can find other pieces, that although they are not currently available, something similar in shapes and colors could be ordered, never the same.

custom made:

These vases can be requested on request at the following email address: Keep in mind that there will be some variations in the result, since they are created one by one and will never be exactly the same as those shown here.

Orders take a minimum of 1 month from the time of request. In the case of painted vases, this time is longer, since as they are hand-painted works, the process requires more time, dedication and sometimes a third firing.

If you are an interior designer or decorator and you have an idea in which you want ceramics to intervene, call us or write us without obligation and let’s talk about how we can collaborate. We would love to be of service and participate in your project.