Handmade ceramics:
functional, decorative and artistic.

Artisan, artist, know-how, decoration, art, function, and of course handmade ceramics, are some of the concepts that define us. We believe that nature is a source of inspiration. We combine the traditional with the modern, respecting and loving this ancient art. We give importance to the design of our handcrafted pieces, but above all, we allow the process itself to determine the final product, letting it flow without resistance and respecting the result.

We see and appreciate the beauty of imperfection.

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We are very present
in interior decoration.

Potto pottery vases are present in the most current and contemporary interior design, as is the case with this comprehensive renovation carried out in a flat in San Sebastián by Bade Interiorismo


Artisanal process


Our process and production techniques are handmade. We model clay through techniques such as coils, potter’s wheel or plates. Some pieces are decorated with figurative motifs, others stand out for the simplicity of their forms, for the textures created in the clay, or for the expressiveness of their glazes.

We treat each piece with love and respect. Being handmade, they are imperfect and different from each other. It is not something that is consciously sought, it is simply the process that defines it, and that is precisely what we like.

Unique pieces

They are authentic, each one has its own personality. For us they are small works of art. Finally, all that dedication comes out of each one of them and they transmit it.

Wabi Sabi Vision

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese term that describes a type of aesthetic vision based on“the beauty of imperfection“. We share this vision, also because sometimes perfection seems boring to us.


Ceramic fields

In interior decoration.
Ceramics have been present in human life throughout history. The first vessels had a purely utilitarian function, although with the passage of time they began to be decorated to make them more personal. Little by little the visual aspect of these objects gained importance with their decorations and ornaments. The place where it was located also entered into the equation and not only was the decorated piece interesting, but it itself was a decorative element for the space where it was located.

Nowadays, ceramics is highly appreciated in interior decoration, it is a versatile material and has become indispensable in interior design due to its natural and aesthetic qualities, among others.

In art.
The materiality of ceramics makes it perfect to be used in sculptures, figures, as a support, as a medium, etc. Art has the ability to provide another look, creating new scenarios. In this context, ceramics are very versatile and are used to transmit sensations and ideas to reflect on or simply to contemplate, sometimes taking them out of their daily function and giving them another opportunity in a completely different setting.

We are aware that ceramics has many other applications, but somehow we want to organize the different types of ceramic creations we make and we have divided them as follows:

Playful mugs - Role reversal

Artistic ceramics

Signature objects that are halfway between decoration and art. Works to contemplate and reflect,

Ceramic is a perfect material to decorate

Ceramic is a noble and grateful material. Its versatility allows the creation of pieces that adapt to any style, from the warmth of the most traditional to the elegance of the most avant-garde.

This natural material can adopt different shapes and an infinite number of colors, making it a spectacular decorative ornament for any space in your home or even your workplace.

In a rustic environment you can not miss ceramic pieces in neutral colors, or in all the variety of earth and ocher that give a different touch to the space. Decorate your shelves with pots, small bowls or a set of plates.

Image of Milk decoration where we can see a handmade piece used by the decorator Tina Rich in the decoration of a New York Loft.

Milk Decoration is one of our favorite decorating magazines. It is one of the top in inspiration and they always introduce ceramic elements in their spaces. Take a look at their website.


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If you want to give a special gift to someone who values the art and beauty of handcrafted objects, our store is a good choice.

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