A project,
a lifetime

A long, long time ago, I had the opportunity to use a potter’s wheel for the first time. That was brief, but it was enough to leave a thorn in my side that I could not get rid of until 20 years later.

Eguzkiñe Egaña Corta


Eguzkiñe Egaña Corta creating a ceramic piece on the pottery wheel

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With a degree in Marketing and Advertising, Eguzkiñe complements her career with studies in Photography and Graphic Design. Subsequently, he continued to expand his training and knowledge with courses related to web design, which defined the field of work that he has developed for 20 years.

Balancing the scales

In 2009, a vocational turning point occurred in his life. Saturated with designing digitally, she is more interested in handmade graphic processes; she takes painting and mixed techniques courses with Maite Unzurrunzaga, watercolor with Juan Carlos Cardesin, and participates in illustration seminars with Javier Zabala. Later he took intensive monographic courses in silkscreen and intaglio engraving at the Centro de enseñanzas artesanales de Deba, directed by Nerea López Lanzeta and Juan Luis Baroja Collet respectively.

Re-encounter with ceramics

In 2016, she took a potter’s wheel workshop, finding the art of ceramics a completely addictive activity. From then on, he entered the Artezaleak School in Zarautz to study other clay forming techniques; pinching, slabs, churros, sculpture and enameling techniques. She has also taken courses on ceramic illustration with Xabier Monsalvatje, glazes and decorative techniques with Ana Felipe Royo, molds with Carlos Martínez and improvement of the potter’s wheel with Ramon Fort.


Between 2010 and 2011 he participated in several poster contests, winning several awards during those two years. In the same year, he presented his first painting exhibition in Torre Luzea. Years later he held group exhibitions of ceramics in Ebro Etxea and Villa Munda in Zarautz and in 2022 he repeated in Luzea Tower with an exhibition dedicated to ceramics and illustration.

Digital and Artisanal

She currently divides his time between Otzarreta Think and Make, a graphic design company where he has worked since 2002, and the Artezaleak ceramic workshop, where he works teaching classes to people who want to experiment with clay, slips and glazes.

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Eguzkiñe Egaña Corta

How does
Potto Pottery?

Potto Pottery is a personal project that arose from my need to get back to creating and modeling with my hands.
Hands and mind have a good time, entertained in an activity that is both relaxing and stimulating
at the same time.”

Eguzkiñe Egaña Corta

Way of

“In ceramics I like handmade-looking finishes such as irregular edges, asymmetrical and imperfect pieces, characteristics that are achieved with techniques such as Japanese pinch or clay coils. With the potter’s wheel it is difficult to find these finishes because of his rotating action, which gives the pieces symmetry and a smoother appearance.

In drawing I like uneven lines and areas. I try to flee from drawings with real proportions, but without wanting to, I often tend to do so and there is an internal struggle, because I am a perfectionist, but paradoxically I am attracted to the imperfect. Being able to see the beauty in imperfection is a constant learning process; overcoming resistance, flowing and accepting the results”.

Eguzkiñe Egaña decorating ceramic piece


This has just begun

In the world of ceramics and glazes there are an infinite number of combinations and the results can be surprising and very varied. You are always experimenting and learning every day“.