Modeled vases
with clay coils

The clay coils technique is one of the oldest and simplest to make, precisely because only hands and clay are needed to create. With this technique, the pieces are generally asymmetrical, with an imperfect air that makes you fall in love.

Its organic and irregular shapes evoke tradition, harmony and inspiration. Likewise, they are beautiful and functional objects created to be useful, as well as to look and beautify the space. In this collection you can see some pieces made with this technique.

Handmade vases with bright green glaze
Handmade and decorative ceramics - black clay
Handmade and decorative black clay vases
Ceramic vase painted with black, white and pink flowers
Vase in earth tones
Handcrafted and decorative ceramic vases
Handcrafted and decorative ceramic vases
Detail of white Gea vase
Decorative ceramic vase with black and red flowers


Gea White Vase
Handmade decorative vase in black clay
Handmade and hand painted decorative vase
Detail of handmade vase with bright green glaze